We had a blast filming Ben & Whitney’s wedding day. There were so many unique details, it was amazing. Check out their highlight or view some of our other wedding films.


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Q: Who will be shooting my wedding?
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Q: Why do all your packages have two videographers? Does having a second videographer really make a difference?
Q: Do we get to pick our own music?
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We understand there’s a whole lot more to a couple’s special day than the big traditional moments.

It’s also about the sound of a bride’s laughter and the tears on her cheek as she reads a letter from her groom. The gleam in a groom’s eyes and his nervous smile as he squeezes his wife’s hand for the first time. The warm amber glow of the setting sun on the faces of grandparents and grandchildren as they dance into the night. Each love story is unique and should be treated with the special attention it deserves.   LEARN MORE ABOUT US>>


Fruit Tree Studios is a team of filmmakers that is passionate about making wedding films. From the tear on your fiances cheek as you’re walking down the aisle to the grandeur of your church, we love every second of capturing your story.



While we focus on weddings, our talented partner companies can meet your other needs. Check out Joram Bierdeman for commercial films and Dream Media Designs, for full service design.