5 Reasons to have a Holiday Wedding!

When you think wedding in NY state, you think usually think May – September. But it seems, some brides are thinking out of the box when it comes to picking the date for their wedding. More and more brides are scheduling there weddings in the winter, on or near holidays, which in the past was a no, no.

We recently filmed a December wedding and it was stunning (and the decorations were all done by the bride! Wow! :o)  The decorations were beautiful and had a Christmas, winter ice and white light theme. The church and reception venue were all decked out for Christmas making it seem as though they were decorated entirely for just her wedding. The color theme was red, black and white (modern, fresh and stunning!-not your everyday color picks). Rather than give details of all the unique ideas she had, I’ll let you see for yourself below. However, one of my favorite ideas was how she packaged her favor. It was a small gift wrapped in a beautiful black and white paper with a bright red bow on top. Pictures: Top row, left to right: favor, 1st center piece, 2nd center piece. Bottom row, left to right: card box, table with candles, a cute snow couple 🙂 .

We also filmed a wedding on “Black Friday” (a holiday to some). But why not? Your families in town, have a great party and get married at it. I recently read a blog about a couple having their wedding on New Years Eve. How fun! Your guest can dance till the ball drops and their will be no question about who you’ll be kissing at midnight:). How about having your wedding on the 4th of July? All the fireworks will be just for you and your hubby.

Five Reasons to Have a Holiday Wedding

5. Your family will be in town anyway and they won’t be saying, “we were just up there for the holidays” when they get a summer invitation.

4. You get more bang for your buck. Vendors and venues are more willing to give discount for weddings for dates they aren’t normally booked on, like holidays.

3. Venues are usually decorated for holidays, so it will seem like you decorations flow from outside and continue into your banquet room.

2. Everyone is already looking for a party to go to anyway. Why not make it your wedding?

1. No one will ever forget your anniversary.

Check out Mallory & Jared’s winter wedding below.

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    I love the holiday wedding thing. I wish I would have thought of it. I would have moved my wedding to July 4th for the fireworks!

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