Amazing Wedding Cake Idea

So with this new blog I would like to write not only about video but also about the interesting, non-traditional and perhaps new ideas I see at weddings. Maybe you will see something here that you like and incorporate it in to your wedding.

My first post is about an awesome cake idea I saw last weekend. There was a small elegant wedding cake, very traditional, but the coolest part of their “wedding cake” idea was all the additional cakes placed at the guest tables. At each table the center piece was a beautiful cake. Each cake was decorated differently (not all shown here) and on it was a candy number that corresponded to the guest seating. After dinner each table cut the center piece cake and shared it, family style. The bakery that made the cakes, tirelessly I’m sure, was Vanilla Swirl in Fairpot, NY. What an amazing non-traditional cake concept. I loved it!

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