Beyond Photos – 10 Stunning Wedding Keepsakes

Old wedding photo

Photos and video are very important ways to capture your wedding day memories, but if you are looking for something that will become a cherished family heirloom, check out the ideas below. You could do these ideas right after your wedding or they would make amazing anniversary gifts. Click on the images below to take you to the websites, Etsy …

How Would Stephen King edit a wedding?

Sketch of Stephen King

Whenever I’m stuck on what to do for a wedding edit I always think. HWSKEAW? Then I know exactly what to do. In all serious though, when you think of a wedding film there probably is no farther thing from your mind than Stephen King. I mean that’s the guy that writes stories about scary clowns and rabid Saint Bernard’s, …

How to Make your Wedding LEGENDARY

When people think of your wedding day they’ll remember your stunning beauty, your touching vows and your choreographed dance, but what about your mouth watering pork-n-mac grilled cheese? That’s right pork and mac grilled cheese (Cue Homer Simpson gurgle sound effect). Oh, you disagree? Okay, just hear me out. When people look back on a wedding it’s often the little …

10 Things to Never Forget on Your Wedding Day

We have been to a lot, a lot, a lot of weddings and it seems these same things are forgotten over and over and over again. Scissors – You’ll need these to remove hanger straps, tags and little string from your dress and the bridesmaids dresses. I’ve seen MOBs and MOHs in a clutch using tiny nail clippers or their …

Fabulous Fall Decor

Love all the fall touches Kimberly and Michael added to their November wedding!

Give a Wedding Favor that Gives Back :)

Looking for the perfect wedding favor? How about a favor that gives back? Some couples are forgoing the traditional favor for one that helps a good cause. Most causes offer bracelets, magnets, key chains, etc. for a donation to the cause, so why not share the mission you love with those you love on your wedding day.

Tyler & Shannon – What Rhymes with Orange?

When I first spoke with Shannon about filming her and Tyler’s wedding she told me that it was not going to be your typical wedding with nothing out of the ordinary. Boy was she wrong. Shannon and Tyler’s wedding was one of the most unique and personalized weddings we did all season. First off their colors were bright and beautiful, orange and green! They included a picture of