Jen & Bob’s Funny Father-Daughter Dance

The Chapin Family are some of the most fun people we know and this video proves this. Here is a quick edit of Jen and Bob’s father-daughter dance (choreographed by Jen :)). The dance was truly special, but my favorite moment between Bob and Jen was when the minister asked “who gives this woman” and Bob was so choked up he could barley get out the words “her mother and

Mallory & Jared’s Wonderful Winter Wedding

Mallory and Jared were married in December and had the perfect winter wedding in Olean, NY. There was just the perfect amount of snow! Their colors black, white and a deep-red were dramatic, romantic and perfect for the season.

Justin & Jennifer’s Trailer

We love our jobs. The only thing better is when we get to work with friends. We first met Jen and Justin over three years ago, and it is wonderful to see how their love has grown for each other. The day went by so fast that Joy and I felt like we weren’t even working.

Check out some of the other great vendors that were involved

KISS – Key-p It Simple Sweetheart (the keys to a Key West wedding)

You may remember Alison and Sean from their Love Story Film posted in February (below – if you want to watch it again:). We recently filmed their wedding in Key West Florida! Alison and Sean are from Ithaca New York, so having their wedding so far away seemed like no small feat. But, the key to having a spectacular wedding …

Lights, Camera, Action! – Wedding Film Lighting

More and more brides are setting the mood for their party with lighting. I’m often asked how different styles of lighting will affect their video. I also get asked if the camera lights will affect the mood they have created (let’s face it nobody wants to be dancing and have a spotlight in their eyes). I’m hear to say, “Don’t …

What’s your style?

When you hear the words “wedding video” what do you think of first? If you are like most people (and this even includes me – someone that films weddings for a living) you think of cheesy 80’s/90’s wedding videos (the age when personal video cameras became the rage). The style back then was “real-time”. Basically a lone videographer with a …

Feathers & Sparkles

The wedding season is here and we are really excited to see all the unique details our couples will have at their weddings this year. Jen & Ed’s wedding in Erie, PA at the Bayfront Hotel had a sparkle and feather theme. The simple addition of the feathers gave the reception a fun and stylish feel. Everyone knows that feathers are “so …

Museum of Play Love Story

Check out the love story we shot for Alison and Sean at the Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. We had a great time!