Cutest Cake Ever!

Here is another awesome cake idea. Everyone has seen a wedding cake and knows that a little bride and groom figurine is usually placed on top. What was so different about this cake was that it had the entire bridal party on the cake! A small (and super cute), replica of each bridal party member was molded from fondant. The bride and groom were placed on the top and all lower layers contained the bridal party replicas. The cake was so CAKE BOSS (a reality show on TLC – come on how much drama can really happen at a bakery – however, the cakes are amazing). What is also so great about this idea is that you could put anything you wanted on the cake. If your wedding party is small you could include your immediate family members on the cake. Maybe you love your pets. Why not put replicas of your cats, dogs, fish, etc on the lower levels? If your marriage is a second one you could include your children and symbolize the joining of the two family’s. So, have fun with your cake and include your loved ones in the fun, too.

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