Jen & Bob’s Funny Father-Daughter Dance

Chapin Family are some of the most fun people we know and this video proves this. Here is a quick edit of Jen and Bob’s father-daughter dance (choreographed by Jen :)). The dance was truly special, but my favorite moment between Bob and Jen was when the minister asked “who gives this woman” and Bob was so choked up he could barley get out the words “her mother and I do”. A real tearjerker!

Filmed outside Rochester, NY at Ravenwood Golf Course.

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  1. Wow this is really lovely! I just love and enjoyed this video here.. Thanks a lot for the shared video here.. Love it!

  2. LOL What an incredible laugh. Great dance, I wasn’t expecting nothing of that coming from a nice father-daughter wedding dance xD It certainly couldn’t get any funnier! 😛 Thanks!

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