Lights, Camera, Action! – Wedding Film Lighting

More and more brides are setting the mood for their party with lighting. I’m often asked how different styles of lighting will affect their video. I also get asked if the camera lights will affect the mood they have created (let’s face it nobody wants to be dancing and have a spotlight in their eyes).

I’m hear to say, “Don’t worry Brides!” Most of today’s quality weddings videographers use cameras that require no extra or very little lighting (and when they do need extra light it is in cases were it is extremely dark). Most videographers have opted for cameras with changeable lenses that have amazing optics and are great in low-light. Footage captured in low light can even be brightened up in the editing room, too.

Someone told me this story about David Bailey (one of the best British photographers – worked for Vogue and famous for his work with the Beatles) He was visiting a photography school and was asked what type of light he preferred using. He responded “Available light”. The class responded, “You mean daylight”. He said “No, available light”. Confused the class asked if he meant tungsten, or flash. He repeated “No, available light!”. “Any bloody light that’s available, I’ll use it!!” – The moral of the story – you can take great photos (and video:) in any light if you know what you’re doing.

So no fears ladies, set the mood. Be romantic with the subtle glow of candles! Be modern and have fashionable colored lights compliment your color theme! Give your hall that vintage feel with glass chandeliers! Have torches and lanterns light the night of your outdoor wedding! Your wedding will still be captured beautifully!

Jen the bride in this trailer film is one of the brides that inspired me to write this blog. She was worried her “dim” lighting would be a problem for the video and that we would need extra lighting. It wasn’t and we didn’t!

The video above is in HD. Please press PLAY then PAUSE to allow video to fully load for best viewing experience.

The Artists
Photography: Eric & Katie Smyklo
Florist: Joel’s Flower Shoppe
Bakery: International Bakery
Venue/Caterer: Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel
Coordinator: Michelle Schrimper
DJ: Matt Barnes

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  1. That video is beautifully shot.
    I am curious though, I’ve always like the idea of natural photography – what I mean by that is, I prefer when a moment is captured rather than staged. Do the same lighting rules apply for videography as it does for photography? If so this surely would be easy to achieve.

    1. Yes and no. The best type of outdoor lighting that looks best for photography (just before sunset/sunrise or overcast) looks great for video too. But, for inside lighting photography almost always requires a flash, where quality video cameras only require additional lighting in very dark settings.

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