Passing of the Rings

It’s not unusual for the guests of the wedding to be represented during the ceremony. Most often the minister/priest/rabbi (or what have you) will say something like, if you object to this marriage speak now or forever hold your peace (and everyone stays really still and tries not to make any noises), or the friends and family are asked if they will support the marriage (and the guests respond YES we will!).

This past summer we filmed a wedding that gave the friends and family a special part to play in the ceremony. The wedding rings were passed from guest to guest and each person said a prayer for the couple as they held the rings. I think everyone was reminded that they were not just “wedding guests”, but loved ones connected to the lives of the couple. Perhaps, as you and your fiance begin a new life together, you may want to take a few minutes during the ceremony to remember that your guests aren’t just guests, but people that have immeasurably impacted your lives.