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When you hear the words “wedding video” what do you think of first? If you are like most people (and this even includes me – someone that films weddings for a living) you think of cheesy 80’s/90’s wedding videos (the age when personal video cameras became the rage). The style back then was “real-time”. Basically a lone videographer with a large camera on a tri-pod pressed record as soon as the guests began filtering into the church. He/She continued until the wedding reception was complete (hopefully, stopping the recording during the drive from the church to the reception hall where He/She blinded everyone on the dance floor with a huge light atop the camera :). When your “VHS” tape arrived and you put it in the “VCR” you watched a straightforward video with no or very, very minimal editing. (This was the style of my sisters wedding film in 1989 – I was ten, I was dressed in a poofy, bright blue dress and my hair was also poofy (aka feathered) – all these things I have mentioned make the film very hard to watch :).
Computer technology has changed the wedding video industry into the wedding film industry. Watching some wedding videos can be like watching a movie (they tell a story, you laugh, you cry). All that being said wedding films now fall into two basic categories – documentary or cinematic.

Documentary Films are edited as a longer playing video. These normally run between one to two hours in length (it usually depends on the length of your events). The order in which the events happened during the day is how they will occur in the film.

Cinematic Films have a shorter total playing time, anywhere from about 15 minutes to 30 minutes (all depending on the film maker). The content is attention-getting. Film makers using the cinematic style will change the order of events in a creative and artistic manner.

So what’s your style? Watch the sample films below and find out.





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