Why Two Videographers?

You may be thinking why should I get two videographers for my wedding day? Won’t everything be covered by one videographer? Well yes and no. A second videographer is more than just a second camera angle, a second videographer can allow us to do things that would be impossible with just one videographer. Here is a short list of reasons on how your wedding day film can be improved with two videographers.

Sample of a wedding trailer that we created with two videographers.


5. Reactions to main events, and behind the scenes shots.
Whether it is a parents tears during a touching moment, the bridal party waiting for their introductions, or some of the guests reactions to the first dance. These great little moments can be hard to capture with one videographer, because you don’t want to miss the main action.  With two videographers it is much easier to capture these moments and they greatly enhance the story of your wedding day.

4. Capture simultaneous events.
One videographer can only be in one place at a time. With two videographers we can then capture simultaneous events, such as the bride and groom getting ready. If you plan on having two photographers on your wedding day, having two videographers is a necessity as the photographers will often split up the bridal party during pictures, making it impossible to cover with just one videographer.

3. More fluid camera movement.
With the use of specialized tools we can give your wedding day more fluid camera movement, and less stationary tripod shots. This is much easier to accomplish with two videographers and greatly improves the quality of your final wedding day film. View sample here.

2. More film like look.
In films you will notice that often the background may be out of focus while someone is talking, or it may start with someone in focus, and then the focus will change to someone in the background, or vice versa. This helps to keep the viewer focused on the proper subject and enhance the story of the film. With two videographers our capacity to do this is greatly increased and the final production is much more film like in comparison.

1. More creative shots
With two videographers we can feel comfortable having the event covered by one videographer while the second videographer can focus on the details of your story. In the end this means more close ups of the bride and groom during the ceremony, and more unique shots such as the grooms hand on the brides during a touching speech, or a timelapse of the sunset on your wedding day.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Watch the samples above or click here to see what Natalie and Doug have to say.

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  1. @Carly, the more the merrier in this case 🙂
    Anyway, I just hope that more future couples realise the importance of solid and enough coverage for a day that happens only once in their lifetime. I’m gonna share this, hopefully the public gets educated on these kind of matters. (Y)

  2. You nailed it with this comment: “One videographer can only be in one place at a time.” In a wedding, there’s so much going on all over the place. Not only that, but adding another camera gives you the option to cut, and you can always have a shot on something important.

    Sound advice, my friend. Knowledge is power.

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