Wedding Dress Pockets

Wow, I never even thought about this or ever would have, but at a wedding we recently filmed the bride had pockets in her dress.  If you watch the video above you will see that the bride is using the pockets to store tissues.  What a ingenious idea!  Tell me  who doesn’t love a secret pocket (I know how silly this sounds, but it’s the truth). What an amazing idea!  Pockets!  Perfect for tissues, mints (not gum! editing out gum chewing is a videographer’s nightmare), a mirror, your phone (on silent of course), or anything you need to carry around (so your maid of honor doesn’t have to be a living purse).

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  1. I would love to see a close up of this dress. Were the pockets noticeable at all? Cute Idea especially for tissues. I would advice brides who have pockets in their dresses not to keep make-up an them – an accident waiting to happen.

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      The only time you noticed the pockets was when she pulled out a tissue 🙂 Yeah, you wouldn’t want to put anything in the pockets that would stain.

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