The Wedding Tree

I have seen quite a few “Wedding Trees” (also know as Guestbook Trees) this summer and each time I think “how cool”. If you haven’t seen a Wedding Tree it is a replacement for the guestbook. You start with a poster sized drawing of a leafless tree and place it at the reception. The guests use ink to make a thumb print or “leaf” on a branch of the tree. They then sign their name next to their “leaf”. You can buy the trees pre-made on-line. You pick the design and the company adds your names. Some artistic couples draw their own tree on canvas. If your not an artistic couple you can use a clip art drawing and make a poster at Kinko’s. Make sure the clip art file you use is a TIFF (Tagged Image File Format – are large, very high quality images). Most trees I’ve seen were in nice frames. The ink should be easy to use and on a ink pad. I’ve seen couples use one color of ink and others use up to four different colors. Sometimes guests complain that the ink stained their fingers, so be sure the ink you buy easily washes off. 🙂

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    I thought this was a great idea, too. I wish I knew about it for my wedding :(. Our guest book is in the same place it has been for the past 5 1/2 years (the bottom of a trunk). It would have been really nice to hang a wedding tree in a great frame on the wall. Instant art.

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