Our Why


We do this because WE LOVE STORIES! We love watching films, reading books, researching storytelling structure in all it’s nerdiness and discovering the stories all around us. It’s the heart of everything we do. Good stories are timeless. They challenge, encourage and impact others even long after we’re gone. They can inspire nations and people to follow an ideal or correct an injustice. Stories are powerful.

What does storytelling have to do with a wedding video though? I mean it’s just a wedding video, right? We don’t really have a story, we’re just getting married.

We disagree. Everyone has a good story and it doesn’t start on your wedding day. You didn’t just show up and say, “Hey, I’m going to marry this good looking stranger today.” There were people, places and events that shaped your story long before that. That’s why a good wedding video should be about more than just that day. It should be about your story.

Maybe we are the perfect fit to tell that story, maybe we aren’t but that doesn’t change one thing. You have a story and it deserves to be well told. Don’t just hire a videographer. Hire someone that will sift through your life for the gold and weave it into something beautiful. Hire a storyteller.


Jim Miesner
Founder, Filmmaker & Storyteller

When I was a kid the first thing I ever filmed was a thirty second clip at a family reunion. My dad gave me the camera, told me to film something and I took a shot of him as he stood in front of a grill and then a close up of hot dogs as he jabbed them with one of those giant forks. “What are you doing?” my mom asked off camera. “I’m filming the hot dogs,” I said. “Stop filming the hot dogs,” my sister yelled. “You’re wasting tape,” said my mother. “Turn off the camera,” said my dad . Cue static. If that happened in a movie you would call that foreshadowing.

Fast forward many years later and I’m still filming odd things. Though my technique is a little more advanced, the foods I occasionally film a little higher class and instead of getting yelled at it’s an odd look from a grandmother that wonders why I’m on the floor filming the bride’s shoes or an uncle trying to figure out why I’m filming through two champagne glasses. What they don’t understand and what my family didn’t understand back then was that it isn’t about the hot dogs. It’s about the story.

I want whoever is watching the stories I am blessed to capture to taste, touch, see, hear and smell those moments. I want them to experience the same things the people in that film experience. Not just to experience it with them but to come away feeling a closeness to them they hadn’t had before. To feel like they know them. So yeah, I guess it’s my destiny to be the weird guy with the camera but it’s so worth it knowing what we are giving to the couple in the end. There’s nothing else I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of that compares to it.


Joy Miesner
Co-Founder, Filmmaker & Office Manager

From the start, I love connecting with couples and hearing all about their big day. I absolutely love the details! My favorite part of filming a wedding is capturing all those little moments that express our couples unique personalities and their love for each other. When editing I enjoy telling a visual story. I love taking footage from a wedding day, putting it to music and making it feel like that song was written for that day.

The most important part of my job is to make sure each couple gets the film they want. I want to make sure there are no questions about their film left unanswered. So much planning and thought goes into a wedding, my goal is to make our couples feel at ease knowing they will never have to worry about their wedding film.

When I’m not working I love spending time with my husband, Jim and our baby girl, Abbie. She is the fastest toddler you will ever meet and she loves yogurt. Not the best combination but I wouldn’t trade her for the world!



Jory Bierdeman
Filmmaker & Storyteller

Filmmaking, for me, has always been about diving into stories, characters, and moments to share with the world. Weddings, being one of the most important moments in any couple’s journey, are among the greatest uses of the filmmaking craft. Being there to watch the day unfold, and being able to turn it into a story after the day is up, is a great challenge and a great privilege.

My favorite part is undoubtedly the cutting of the cake. We get to see their sense of humor when they smash a piece into the others’ face, and we see their love when they share it with their friends and family.

Aside from filming and editing, I love writing stories, doing back flips, putting on wigs and spending time with my new wife Carly, though not necessarily in that order.



Alisha Messmer
Filmmaker & Storyteller

I have a MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and have always had a keen eye for composition ever since I can remember. A lot of people think that filming a wedding day is just capturing the events of the day and that is true to some extent but it is so much more than that. Depending on the lens you use, the angle you film from and how you frame that shot it can drastically convey a completely different mood and feeling of that moment. I really enjoy finding the best lens, angle and composition for each shot and feel really proud when I can deliver an amazing film to a bride and groom.

When I’m not working creatively I enjoy playing with my huskies, spending time with family and friends or relaxing with a nice glass of red wine.