The Groom’s Perspective (How to Handle a Wedding Filmmaker)

     Though a lot of grooms today are just as involved in their wedding planning as the bride, many can’t find the time to be on top of all the details. If you are a groom that is having your wedding day filmed and haven’t had time to watch all of our films, here is a quick run down of what you can expect. Wedding filming aka videography isn’t what it once was, a lot has changed in the last few years. A single guy, standing in one corner of the room, blinding your guests with a bright light on top of a giant camera is a thing of the past. Though if that is what you are expecting, working with us may be a strange experience.  

As you are getting ready you might ask yourself why is the videographer here so early? Why is he filming me combing my hair? Why is he sliding a camera back and forth on the floor while I am tying my shoes?  Why is he so quiet? Why does he have a purse? Is he crazy?… Probably a little. The important thing to remember is that these things may seem weird in the moment, but trust me there is a reason for everything and it will all come together in your wedding film. Just relax and be yourself, my job is to make you look good. About an hour (plus travel time) before your ceremony, I will leave you and your groomsmen to go and setup.

Then at the ceremony we will have multiple cameras going, and have to mic you, your officiant, any readers that may speak and record audio of your musicians. Though this seems like a lot you will be amazed by how little you notice us during the ceremony (we try to keep a small footprint). At this point most of your guests will confuse us for photographers (filming equipment has changed a lot in the past 6 years). Just about everyone will get it after they notice the microphone on top, but you can guarantee grandma will be waiting for me to take her picture later.

After your ceremony, your cocktail or photo time will begin. Congratulations you are married, it’s almost time to party! During this time we will get creative shots of everything we can. Please don’t feel like you have to take care of us.  Enjoy your day. If we have a creative shot idea, we will let you know. If we are hungry we will pocket a shrimp from one of the passing maitre d’ (Like an hors d’oeuvre ninja).

Arriving at the reception you will be so comfortable with us at this point that you will start thinking this is easy, and maybe I should be a reality TV star. All kidding aside, make sure you take it all in and have a good time. Get on the dance floor, even if you don’t think you are a good dancer. Your family and friends want to see you out there. Trust me on this. Also don’t let your first dance be your only slow dance of the night. Sometimes you might get so wrapped up in all the fun that before you know it the night is over and you never slow danced. Slow dancing will not only improve the overall quality of your film, in the long run it will score you points when your bride sees how romantic you were.  Which is really the most important thing, right?

In the end if you remember nothing else, just remember the best moments are when we capture you, your family and friends just as you are. That’s what it’s all about. I hope this has shed some light on what you can expect when you are working with a wedding filmmaker.

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